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Be wary of varicose veins

Avoid standing for too long if you suffer from leg cramps, most especially if you have varicose vein (enlarged and swollen vein). If this vein ruptures, it will cause heavy bleeding. Wear tight clothing and tube socks to protect affected areas. While sleeping, slightly raise your legs by placing a cushion under it.

Bond with your bundle of joy

Talk or sing to your baby. At this point, he can now hear you since his hearing has developed. Stroke your belly while lying on bed and count your baby’s movements. This is just the start of your bond with your baby.

Express colostrum (first milk)

Start expressing colostrum on your 33rd week of pregnancy. Doing this will prevent engorgement, blocked duct, low milk supply or cracked nipples. Stop or postpone the expression if you feel uterine cramps. Consult your doctor immediately.

Smooth away stretch marks

Your rapid weight gain plus growing belly mark the onset of stretch marks on your chest, hips and thighs. Minimize stretch marks and moisturize your skin by applying moisturiser or lotion after bathing.

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