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Friso® Gold Grow

For kids from 3 years onwards

Packshot of Friso Gold Grow 400g TIN

Growing Up Together

Friso® Gold Grow

For kids from 3 years onwards

  • LockNutri® Technology
    Preserves milk's natural nutrient, so it is easy to digest.
  • Iron & VITAMIN D
    Iron is important for moving oxygen from the lungs to the muscles and brain. A lack of iron can lead to iron deficiency anemia. Vitamin D is important for normal bone development, and calcium absorption and utilisation. Vitamin D supplementation is important, especially to children who do not receive much sunlight.
  • No added sucrose & flavour
    Does not contain added sugar.

For child 3 years onwards. Formulated milk powder for children.

As your child develops further, the world is his to explore. Friso® Gold Grow’s new and improved formula with LockNutri® technology is formulated to meet the nutritional demands of your growing child. Give him the nutrition he needs with Friso® Gold Grow for an easy digestion, thus allowing him to be naturally stronger inside. Our product is produced in Holland and contains no added sucrose and flavour.


Cleaner, easier protection lid


Cleaner, easier protection lid


    Protects the formula

    Keeps spoon within reach

    Levels off excess easily
Protection Lid from Friso  غطاء الحماية من فريزو

How LockNutri® Technology preserves milk's natural nutrient

"More doctors and parents recommend Friso® Gold as the formula that preserves milk's natural nutrient. Read on to find out what makes Friso® Gold different."

What is LockNutri® Technology?

Natural nutrients are potent and easy to digest but overheating during production of milk formula can damage them. LockNutri System is our advanced production technology that protects natural nutrient against overheating to retain closer to natural state.

Why should formula be easy to digest?

Your child’s digestive system is still developing and is delicate. Nutrients in their natural state are much easier for delicate tummies to digest, so they are more easily absorbed. This means, your child’s tummy doesn’t get stressed and there is less chance of them getting constipated. Which is important for building a strong digestive system, supporting immunity and providing required energy for development. With your child stronger on the inside, they are more resilient and can go out and experience more together with you.


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Friso Gold® TrackEasy

Scan and experience your tin’s full journey.

An industry-first innovation, TrackEasy lets you trace your Friso Gold® tin’s full journey from our Holland-owned farms down to the rigorous checks at each step of milk production. Scan the QR code at the bottom of your tin to experience more.

Average composition Unit %DV* Per 100ML
Energy Kcal 7% 68
Energy KJ 7% 286
Total Fats g 7% 2.6
• Saturated fat g 15% 1.5
• Trans fat g -
• Mono unsaturated fat g 0.9
• Poly unsaturated fat g 0.29
• Cholesterol mg 3% 4.7
• Trans fatty acids g 0.03
• Linoleic acid mg 203
• α-linolenic acid mg 30
• AA mg 2.4
• DHA mg 2.4
Carbohydrate g 5% 7
• Lactose g 4.9
• Sugars g 21% 5.2
• Fibers g 4% 0.5
• Galacto-oligosaccharides g 0.5
Protein g 14% 3.6
Salt g 3% 0.09
Average composition Unit %DV Per 100ML
Calcium mg 23% 113
Iron mg 14% 0.99
Zinc mg 20% 1.1
Iodine µg 25% 19
Potassium mg 15% 146
Sodium mg 3.5% 35
Chloride mg 89% 89
Phosphorus mg 26% 92
Copper µg 15% 66
Average composition Unit %DV Per 100ML
Vitamin A µg-RE 11% 42
Vitamin D3 µg 27% 0.7
Vitamin C mg 11% 5.7
Vitamin K1 μg 25% 7.5
Vitamin E mg a-TE 11% 0.5
Vitamin B2 mg 16% 93
Pantothenic acid mg 14% 0.36
Folic acid µg 13% 25
Vitamin B12 µg 22% 0.26

* The Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories

Need help?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is this product from?

    This product is 100% from Holland.

  • How many glasses of Friso® Gold Grow should my child drink every day?

    The recommended intake is 2-3 glasses per day.

  • How should I prepare Friso® Gold Grow?

    • To ensure the survival of live bacteria, boiled water should be cooled down to below 40°C (warm water) before preparing the milk formula.
    • Mix 5 scoops of Friso® Gold Grow with 180ml of warm water.
    • Use prepared Friso® Gold Grow formula within a maximum of 1 hour after preparation.
    • Throw away unfinished milk after feeding.
    • Store the milk powder in a cool and dry place.
  • Why are there air bubbles after I shake the milk in a feeding bottle?

    Milk shaken in a feeding bottle always produces bubbles, which disappear eventually. It's best to swirl or lightly shake the bottle horizontally, not vertically. This reduces the production of air bubbles.

  • Can I use cold water to prepare Friso® Gold?

    Although preparation in cold water doesn’t harm the milk formula, it is best to follow the instructions for use, i.e. use boiled water cooled to below 40°C (warm water). If the formula is prepared with cold water, the powder may not dissolve properly.

  • How do I help my child adjust to a new milk formula?

    You should change your milk formula gradually over a week. The table below provides a guide to switching formulas.

    Day / Feed 1 2 3 4
    1-3 * * Friso® Gold *
    4-6 * Friso® Gold Friso® Gold *
    7-10 * Friso® Gold Friso® Gold Friso® Gold
    11-14 Friso® Gold Friso® Gold Friso® Gold Friso® Gold


    * Existing milk formula

  • How long can I keep my Friso® Gold Grow?

    Unopened, you can keep Friso® Gold up to 2 years. You can check the expire date on the packaging of the product.