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Does your child befriend others easily

“Guiding your toddler to share and make friends

As your toddler starts to communicate with other toddlers and form friendships, pay attention. He begins to form his own identity, become his own person, and naturally, stake his ownership over what belongs to him—his toys, his bed, his home. This explains why toddlers seldom share unless prompted to.

Let toddlers play together. This helps your child understand the difference between possession and ownership. (Without forgetting manners, of course!)

When 2 toddlers start fighting over a toy, intervene and calmly suggest social alternatives:

  • Take turns
  • Ask nicely for permission
  • Offer a trade or an exchange

Remember: be ready to praise and reward him when he does something right. This encourages him and helps him better understand how society works, when he sees the benefit of behaving properly.”