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How to cultivate your toddler's character

Nurture your child through his early years. This is essential to his growth and development. From you, it requires time, patience and perseverance. It will pay off when you see him growing up with a sense of character and responsibility.

Inculcate a sense of duty
Start small. Give him little tasks to accomplish, which trains him for more complex tasks. Try these:

  • Wipe table topdry after a meal
  • Pick up and return his toys to his drawer
  • Match colored socks
  • Turn on TV or lights

Next, have your child progress to more complex duties, which include:

  • Set the table with unbreakable plates, utensils and cups
  • Pour dry cerealfor Dad
  • Put stack of folded clothes on a shelf
  • Hold the door open for elders to pass
  • Bring in small grocery items from the car