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How to give your child the confidence to explore and be curious

Stay calm, Mum!

When he turns one, your child develops a sense of independence. He may test your responses to his actions. On purpose, he may do something against your wishes—scatter or throw his toys, or do something that poses a danger to him, like reach for objects that may fall on him. Tell him "no" calmly. Explain why he shouldn't do it.

Encourage Explorations

When your child pops a question, do your best to reply to him and explain in simple terms. To help him improve his speech, play songs and sing and dance with him. Lead him to mingle with children his age so he can get along with people besides family.

Shower your child with attention and reassurance

Your child will know that you will always be there for him if you give him your attention and reassurance profusely. This reinforces his confidence to discover by himself and conquer the unknown.

Support your child in coping with separation

Time moves fast. Soon, your child will need to go places by himself. He will be apart from you for a longer time. Always provide the reassurance that you will come and be back for him. Even if he doesn’t happily take to your absence, he will know in himself that you will always return.

Guide your toddler to develop his learning abilities

Promote your child's learning and language abilities with question-and-answer exercises. Introduce new words or phrases to your child, and extend his speech by adding words to his sentences. Guide him to express his feelings and needs verbally.

Train your child to be independent

Let your child learn to make his bed, store his toys, and perform other tasks.


Be a good model. Guide your child to exercise every day for better health.