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Your child and natural immunity

Your child’s early years of life charts an interesting journey. He moves from consuming his first solids, teething, crawling, to talking. Everyday, he leads a busy life, rapidly absorbing new knowledge. To grow and learn well, your child should have a good health. This good health could only come from a goodgut—a strong and healthy digestive system.

A good gut protects your child safe from illnesses and diseases, in particular, two common childhood ailments—diarrhoea and constipation. When your child’s immune system is strong and functions properly, it produces antibodies to provide a natural defence against germs. By increasing the good bacteria count, Friso® Gold boosts your child’s immunity.

While being concerned with hygiene, do not worry too much if your child is exposed to some germs. These help develop his immunity, which makes him tough enough to explore his world and stay safe, happy and healthy.