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Visual_Your first gift to your child immunity

Your first gift to your child: Immunity

A healthy mum makes a healthy baby. Give your baby a strong head start by boosting your own immunity throughout your pregnancy term. Here are six ways you can supercharge your immune system:

1. Got milk?

Milk is an important source of dietary calcium, protein and Vitamin D that is essential to the healthy functioning of your immune system. 

2. Love your greens

Fill up on your vegetables and fruits, they’ll do wonders for both you and the little one.

3. Seek out the sun

Sunshine and fresh air equals more Vitamin D to help boost your body’s health. 

4. Load up on the water

Take frequent water breaks to hydrate yourself and detox your body.

5. Banish germs from your life

Wash your hands often and avoid food not well cooked so you minimise your chances of catching a nasty bug.

6. Do what makes you happy

Pregnancy can be tough. De-stress by doing your favourite activity, whether it’s watching television on the couch or taking a walk.

An intrinsic part of a healthy pregnancy involves eating healthy, so don’t forget to load up on your daily intake of fruits and vegetables!